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Available myADHD Subscriptions

Please select the annual subscription type you would like to purchase. Your credit card will be charged immediately reflecting a payment to Health Link Systems, Inc. You will have access to all Assessment Tools, Treatment Tools, Tracking Tools, and Library Tools and our your personal myADHD Control Panel which enables you to electronically send rating scales and history forms to others. Completed scales and forms will be stored in your private user account.

Premium Annual Subscriptions
  Professional Annual Subscription $89.95 Once
For health care providers and educators.

  Family Annual Subscription $69.95 Once
For families and adults with ADHD choose this discounted price.

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  Gift Subscription $89.95 Once
Purchase a Gift Subscription for a one year Professional Annual Subscription.

You will receive an email with a link to a coupon code number. This code number can be used to purchase a Professional Annual Subscription for yourself or someone else.